"March 24 album" ALL "released from Universal Music"

January 20, 2021 Re: Clash album "ALL" delivered!
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Chinokotoko, Saya Nobe flower, Oyo next month, Reina Kitagawa, Azusa Onami, consisting of six Miyu Kano, Girl unit.
Active as a group with two faces with the idol group Candy ☆ Drops!
Re: Clash is a popular group of talented people who have been leading the live scene in Nagoya through a unique musical line with a cool atmosphere.
Its strengths are its overwhelming performance and a wide variety of songs.
Started in September 2016! !! !!

Keeping a distance from the idol royal road line, the live scene in Nagoya has been lively with songs and dances on its own line.
He has also appeared at large festivals in Japan and is active overseas, such as in Qingdao, China and Taiwan.

A member of Candy ☆ Drops who debuted in September 2013 and finished 3rd in Oricon Daily and 19th in Oricon Weekly in June 2014. A group of atmosphere.

Debuted at Nagoya Diamond Hall in September 2016
Based in Nagoya, he actively travels to Tokyo and Osaka and gains popularity.
January 2017 Taiwan Expedition 5th Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival "Girl's Bomb !! x Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival"
From October 2017, the crown program "Riekura's Friday Evening TOKYO" will start at "Shibuya Cross FM" in Tokyo.
April 2018 China Qingdao Expedition DC16 Qingdao Yuan Dongman Yuan Jia (Dream Craft 16 Qingdao Anime Game Exhibition)
September 2018 Successful one-man live at NAGOYA ReNY limited
October 2018 Appeared in Taiwan expedition "Pushing is more"
August 2019 TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2019 TIF2019 Appeared as a representative of the national selection Chubu block
September 2020 Make one-man live successful again at NAGOYA ReNY limited
January 2021 The album "ALL" will be distributed from Universal Music!
March 2021 Released the album "ALL" from Universal Music!



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