2020 Aoki



2020/12/31 23:06

Good evening, today is a relaxing New Year's Eve. Are you all relaxing? ?? Until last year, it was a fun New Year's Eve, the closing event of each year, talking and laughing with everyone until the very end of the year. !! This year, my grandpa was very pleased with the New Year's Eve at my house for the first time in years, but I feel a little unsatisfactory. I'm happy to be relaxed, but this year, I'll be on stage in December, and I'll start refraining from around March. In September, I'll be doing a one-man live. It's been such a year! Personally, I wonder if there were more plays jobs? While I was refraining from doing so, I wasn't completely unrelated to everyone because I had Web check and with LIVE, but it was a lonely year for many people who still couldn't meet. In a world where sad news continues, I'm happy to be able to get involved with everyone, and I'm glad I did my best this year if everyone could feel the fun and healing. Everyone did their best this year as well. I think next year will be a year with many changes in the world, but I want to support each other and do my best. Thank you to everyone who was involved in 2020 and everyone who supported me. \ (◡̈) / \ (◡) ̈) /! Thank you again this year! !! Have a nice year! !! !! Aoki



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