Virtual image and real 2




2021/09/22 19:31

Continuation of Virtual Image and Real 1 From here on, for fans. Fans, thank you for your love for Lee Kla even if you have a new system. Thank you for acknowledging the current Chinokotoko. Thank you, there are too many words to write. I'm really grateful. Let's keep calm and put health first. ❕ And as I said in the one-man MC, the goal is to "continue"? I think many people think that, but it's easy to say that you want to be like this in the future, or you want to do ○○, and you can make it come true if you make an effort. But to do that, I have to continue. I feel that I have seen a lot of group dissolutions and graduations that I felt even more when I became a corona. That's why it's the most difficult and difficult thing to continue, so I made this goal 🫂 Thank you for your continued support of Re: Clash ❕ 6th anniversary, no one knows what will happen Still seeking the best Every day we take one step at a time Thank you for your 6th anniversary ❕ Thank you always ❤️ 2021.09.22



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